Meaning of pre-sell in English:



[with object]
  • Promote or market (a product) before it is officially launched.

    ‘producers can pre-sell a film on the basis of the script’
    • ‘The primary job of the affiliate is to pre-sell the product being promoted.’
    • ‘The third factor is being able to pre-sell to the visitors of your site.’
    • ‘Essentially, if an oil company or oil producer wants some money now, they will pre-sell July's production, or September's production.’
    • ‘The widget helps bands advertise an event, sell tickets, provide a tour schedule, pre-sell a soon-to-be-released album, or provide links for fans to get more information about specific albums.’
    • ‘Either sign up for your e-zine, go to another page that will pre-sell them or purchase a product.’
    • ‘It is a great way to pre-sell products.’
    • ‘Skyline, apparently, did not pre-sell 52 units as was contemplated, before the building was to start.’
    • ‘This weekend is its last chance to "pre-sell" the Xbox before the official launch next Thursday and Microsoft is firing its biggest guns.’
    • ‘Under the new agreement, that policy will end as the company moves to pre-sell its products to vendors, and with its termination, drivers will lose commissions for making sales.’
    • ‘To maximize profits, pre-sell tickets if you can.’
    • ‘Netgateway gives the operators at least a month to pre-sell spaces before the site is available on the Internet.’
    • ‘Laudervest cross-claimed for damages suffered to it by Skyline's failure to pre-sell enough units in the project.’
    • ‘We can pre-sell it… we might say, you can buy up here at this price during the first week, and we charge less later.’
    • ‘Realizing he had an Asian film with an American budget, his strategy was to attempt to pre-sell the film to several distributors.’