Meaning of pre-wash in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpriːˈwɒʃ/

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  • 1A preliminary wash, especially one performed as part of a cycle in an automatic washing machine.

    ‘Just enough intelligence to get you thinking, as your head begins to spin uncontrollable like a pre-wash cycle.’
    • ‘Most stains will come out in the wash, or with the added help of a pre-wash stain remover.’
    • ‘Do not spray pre-wash stain removers on clothing on top of dryer unless top is protected completely; this may corrode plastic control parts as well as paint.’
    1. 1.1A substance applied as a treatment before washing.
      ‘used as a pre-wash, this product conditions the hair’
      • ‘A pre-wash having the ingredients of water, an acid and an alcohol is also provided and can be used prior to the application of the cleaning solution to the painted surface.’
      • ‘A pre-wash to remove the most stubborn oxidation can be made with equal parts of water, alcohol and acid.’


[with object]
  • Give a preliminary wash to.

    ‘he would have to pre-wash the shirt before packing and shipping it’
    • ‘We want food that's been pre-washed, cars with air-conditioning and homes with everything from dishwashers to electric toothbrushes.’
    • ‘Genefilter cDNA array membranes, containing 4,133 human genes, were pre-washed in boiling 0.5 per cent SDS for five min.’
    • ‘Hands should be pre-washed and nails cleaned with a nail pick under running water to remove gross debris and superficial microorganisms before applying the alcohol-based scrub product.’
    • ‘I pre-washed it and made it (even though I knew it would lose its nice crisp hand, it still maintained the strong color and the subtle sheen) and its been wonderful.’
    • ‘I was surprised, however, at the quilter who responded that she never pre-washed her fabrics because she liked the puckered look.’
    • ‘For example, fruit that will be taken in a lunch can be pre-washed.’
    • ‘The placemats in size 33 cm x 46 cm are reversible with interlining and the napkins to match are soft and pre-washed in different sizes.’
    • ‘The homogenized egg samples were always stored in polyethylene bottles pre-washed with nitric acid (HN [O.sub.3]), and they were placed in a refrigerator until chemical analysis.’
    • ‘That's why I always pre-wash my mail with Mailwasher.’
    • ‘Also there is no need to pre-wash your fleece fabric.’
    • ‘I really don't know why they don't just pre-wash them before you buy them.’
    • ‘Also, if your velvet is cotton velvet, you will want to pre-wash the fabric as it will shrink.’
    • ‘After eating, everyone takes their plates and cutlery to the sink and pre-washes their dishes before loading them into the large dishwasher.’