Meaning of precious stone in English:

precious stone


  • A highly attractive and valuable piece of mineral, used especially in jewellery; a gemstone.

    ‘a dazzling inlay of precious stones’
    • ‘The range of geological subjects is wide: minerals, rocks, precious stones, and the means of working them.’
    • ‘Traders in Livingstone have been urged to start dealing in gemstones to sell the precious stones to the many tourists who visit the tourist capital.’
    • ‘Much of the jewellery is set with precious stones.’
    • ‘Her recent innovation in her favourite art form is using real precious stones for a piece ordered by a famous jewellery shop.’
    • ‘There was a separate stall for jewels embellished with precious stones like pearls, ruby and emerald.’
    • ‘The country has petroleum, precious stones, timber and minerals such as lead, zinc, tin and tungsten as well as some of the lowest wage levels in Asia.’
    • ‘They design, cut and set a variety of semi-precious and precious stones into charming pieces.’
    • ‘The fecund decorations are transplanted in the exquisitely designed gold-plated jewels embellished with precious stones.’
    • ‘The price largely depends upon the quantity of platinum in the jewellery piece in addition to the precious stones it might be studded with and also the designs.’
    • ‘Statues may contain healing herbs, sacred objects, precious stones or jewels, or other offerings.’
    • ‘One gesture from him, and the women in fur silently opened a bag filled with jewels and precious stones.’
    • ‘Last he took out a golden brooch with a few precious stones in it.’
    • ‘Making jewelry and cutting precious stones also are traditional handicrafts in Gujarat.’
    • ‘The priests put the king's jewelry and precious stones in between the layers of cloth.’
    • ‘There are earrings with precious stones in red, green and blue at another stall.’
    • ‘Local jewellers do not sell 1,000 precious stones per day.’
    • ‘Customers not only had the privilege to see, feel, and experience the jewellery but also learn more about the precious stone.’
    • ‘The combination of gold with creative materials, colourful precious stones and semi-precious stones is also very much in vogue.’
    • ‘Likewise, no true pleasure is attained from gems and precious stones, although admittedly a false sense of joy may be felt.’
    • ‘Gemstone settings are basically any setting with a combination of diamonds and other precious stones.’


precious stone