Meaning of preciousness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɛʃəsnəs/


See precious

‘The large show (more than 40 artists, though not all the work is displayed) presents a flock of sexy, edgy, beautifully painted dolls, not one of which sinks into preciousness.’
  • ‘The project, which was intended as an experiment and a comment on notions of preciousness, greed and consumer society, was hyped as a ‘treasure hunt’ for ‘golden garbage’.’
  • ‘Above that the ubiquitous black square negates the image like some dark doppelgänger, a reminder of the eventual death of the picture on its obverse, constantly reinscribing the preciousness of this unique object.’
  • ‘It is a gift of such preciousness that it is almost indescribable.’
  • ‘Life needs to be valued for itself based on concepts like the preciousness of life.’