Meaning of preconscious in English:


Pronunciation /priːˈkɒnʃəs/


  • Of or associated with a part of the mind below the level of immediate conscious awareness, from which memories and emotions that have not been repressed can be recalled.

    ‘beliefs and values which are on a preconscious level’
    • ‘But sometimes, such as when we eat or sleep, our awareness drops to a preconscious level.’
    • ‘Conscious experience, conscious selves, are ‘generated by and represent aspects of our own preconscious minds.’
    • ‘In deeper sleep, however, even the preconscious detection of very large and infrequent changes in the external environment cannot be made.’
    • ‘Freud called attention to preconscious dimensions that impinge on our behavior but never dispensed with them.’
    • ‘Inadvertent expressions of preconscious processes have been studied extensively by psychologists.’


one's/the preconscious
  • The part of the mind in which preconscious thoughts or memories reside.

    ‘This is thought to reflect a simple, sensory memory that apparently occurs automatically in the preconscious.’
    • ‘This occurs in the preconscious although it might later trigger consciousness.’
    • ‘Deep out of our preconscious comes this fear - fear of the pain of dying and shame of the effect that our dying might have on others.’
    • ‘This process is said to occur automatically at the level of the preconscious.’