Meaning of predeterminism in English:



mass noun
  • The belief that all events, including human actions, are established or decided in advance.

    ‘frequently, fantasy novels have a feeling of predeterminism to them’
    • ‘For all the manipulation of history which occurs in The Plot to Save Socrates, the characters all have a strong sense of predeterminism.’
    • ‘It almost appears as if his story's rejection of faith is also, ironically, an espousal of predeterminism.’
    • ‘Although paleontology plays a large role in the novel, Swanwick seems to be more concerned with cause-and-effect, paradoxes, and predeterminism.’
    • ‘Mostly done through two talking heads, a Professor and one of his students, the piece examines the issues concerning not only time travel, but also predeterminism.’
    • ‘Anderson dismisses the implications of destiny by making his characters Baptists, but a stronger story may have been written had predeterminism played a role in their decision to interfere with the past.’
    passive acceptance, resignation, acceptance, acceptance of the inevitable, stoicism