Meaning of predominately in English:


Pronunciation /prɪˈdɒmɪnətli/


another term for predominantly
‘On the other hand, legal writing faculty, generally hired locally, are predominately women.’
  • ‘Referrals predominately came from within the health service.’
  • ‘Uganda is predominately an agricultural nation depending on growing crops and livestock production for subsistence.’
  • ‘The sight and sound of predominately young males parading around the county with stereos thumping and large exhausts growling is a growing nuisance.’
  • ‘I went to a predominately middle-class school and I wanted to fit in and didn't.’
  • ‘The coastal interior of the far-east coast is predominately rice fields at the base of several mountains.’
  • ‘Many people assume that architecture is a predominately technical subject requiring maths and sciences.’
  • ‘This was done predominately because children were breaking into the houses and there were dangers associated with this.’
  • ‘The company trades predominately in Wales and the Southwest.’
  • ‘It's also a proposal about moving the industry from predominately old forests into regrowth and plantations.’
  • ‘A ripe peach, for example, is predominately sweet with a hint of sourness, yet as you bite into it, you will taste a little bitterness.’
  • ‘Through another doorway I can see a mirror which is reflecting a predominately red painting of a village on the opposite wall, out of sight.’
  • ‘Although strong customer growth continues, it is now predominately amongst lower value customers.’
  • ‘A number of the predominately male workforce have twenty-four years service with the company.’
  • ‘Their hair was fine, silky soft, predominately black or silver, but with a myriad of other colors, and long.’