Significado de pregame en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈpriːɡeɪm/


  • Denoting or relating to an event that occurs directly before a particular sports game.

    ‘he threw out the first pitch during the pregame ceremonies’
    • ‘Inside the media work room—a tent about the size of a football field—I watched a bit of ABC's pregame coverage.’
    • ‘NFL great Deion Sanders used to get focused in the locker room with his pregame dressing ritual.’
    • ‘Third, each organization providing alcohol was required to have liability insurance for the pregame event.’
    • ‘Next, a parade is held toward the end of the pregame activities.’
    • ‘Irvin ruptured his Achilles' tendon in pregame warm-ups on Sunday.’
    • ‘Muhammad Ali will help throw out the first pitch during pregame ceremonies at Tuesday's All-Star game.’
    • ‘Dorothy met us at the door, the sounds of the pregame show bellowing from the living room behind her.’
    • ‘Once everybody got over the pregame jitters, both teams really settled in well.’
    • ‘Being announced in pregame introductions with the first-team offense isn't necessarily reflected on the stats sheet.’
    • ‘At Friday's pregame walkthrough, the crowd had dwindled from more than 500 at the beginning of the week to less than 15.’
    • ‘He practiced with it yesterday, taking grounders during pregame infield practice.’
    • ‘Creating a concert with four other people is the emotional equivalent of being in a pregame locker room gearing up for the Super Bowl.’
    • ‘The tree that will be planted at Yankee Stadium's Monument Park is scheduled to be presented during a pregame ceremony September 8.’
    • ‘I'm not too big on pregame shows.’
    • ‘Now to the serious business of pregame predictions.’
    • ‘Some of the pregame tents where alcohol was served were too crowded to make it possible to monitor alcohol use at the parties.’
    • ‘Carter gave a pregame speech to the team.’
    • ‘That, and a giant cup of straight black coffee, is the extent of his pregame preparation.’
    • ‘Come sit in the stands for a few minutes—anywhere you like, nobody cares this early—and watch the pregame rituals.’
    • ‘You heard it on sports radio and television pregame shows, amidst the endless barking and blather of those lively roundtable segments.’


  • A television or radio programme in which commentators discuss a sports game which is about to take place.

    ‘the comments in question were made during last night's pregame’
    • ‘The pregame is the big deal at Manny's HD in Moonachie, where the HD refers to the 18 high-definition screens.’
    • ‘Does anything happen to broadcasters who pick the wrong team in the pregame?’
    • ‘Only NASCAR followed with a successful on-location pregame.’
    • ‘D.C. viewers were cut away from the last 4:30 of an Oklahoma State-Oklahoma football upset to see a Capitals pregame in its entirety, per local contracts.’
    • ‘During the pregame of the Kings vs. Lakers game, TNT showed a taped segment with Kobe Bryant.’
    • ‘Flipping back and forth between ESPN2's coverage of Monday night's Giants-Astros matchup and the pregame for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game, I caught him heading to the mound to confer with starter Roy Oswalt.’
    • ‘Its new "pregame" caters to fantasy-league players.’


[sin objeto]coloquial Norteamericano
  • Drink alcohol before attending an event or social function.

    ‘a lot of the teenagers had pregamed before they got there’
    • ‘Changing the campus culture can be challenging when students are pregaming, or drinking in private before leaving for a party, Greene said.’
    • ‘I can drink like a fish and my favorite activity is pregaming before an O's game.’
    • ‘Woke up from day drinking on Saturday at 9:45pm to find that we had missed the music festival that we had been pregaming for altogether and that we were intensely hung over.’
    • ‘It's also a good idea to stop in here before heading to other clubs/bars on Ccean Drive to pregame.’
    • ‘'A lot of the kids were pre-gaming,’ said Downs.’
    • ‘As Amy waited for Caitlin to get ready, she started to pre-game.’
    • ‘Students claim pregaming gets rid of potential awkwardness at the beginning of parties.’
    • ‘I occupied a friend’s sofa and watched the Yankee game while seven or eight of my buddies pregamed.’
    • ‘It was my freshman year of college and my buddies pregamed and decided to go to a dorm party.’
    • ‘For college students, pregaming is often the best part of the night.’
    • ‘He has 10 security guards on duty at all times and no one who has pregamed is allowed in.’
    • ‘After pregaming with a couple of Red Bull and Vodkas, he allegedly made quite a scene at the party.’
    • ‘While boozing in the theaters is verboten, you can pregame with local brews, wines and mixed drinks.’
    • ‘Max and his brothers are pre-gaming: a dozen of them strut about the courtyard of their house on the University of Florida's Fraternity Row, each nursing a cold beer.’