Meaning of prematurely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɛmətʃəli/

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  • Before the due time; ahead of time.

    ‘his son died prematurely’
    • ‘prematurely grey hair’
    • ‘Her hair had greyed prematurely, her once youthful face was lined with worry and fraught with grief.’
    • ‘Mac's face seemed prematurely grey and aged, his body hunched as he read.’
    • ‘She went public about the sensitive issue of her identity after the match prematurely ended.’
    • ‘If they have been chased around by a dog they could end up giving birth prematurely, which could cause problems and even death.’
    • ‘It is the loneliest job in the world they say, and more than one comic has died prematurely from the stress of trying to make others laugh.’
    • ‘Aimee was born two weeks prematurely and had to spend four weeks in special care, though this was not linked to her liver problem.’
    • ‘Another important component of a policy is life cover, so that the cost of the animal is refunded should it die prematurely.’
    • ‘Milan, she would tell me in our long phone calls, was looking shrivelled and prematurely aged.’
    • ‘Being born prematurely can increase the risk of being deaf or becoming deaf.’
    • ‘He said that some men would slip away and leave the centre prematurely and end back on the streets or in prison again.’
    • ‘He was born prematurely on January 8 last year and died three days later.’
    • ‘When my son was born prematurely I was convinced that it was my fault.’
    • ‘Yet for most mortals, the sight of loved ones suffering or dying prematurely is not ennobling.’
    • ‘Five of his mother's brothers had gone down the pit and died prematurely because of their working conditions.’
    too soon, too early, before the usual time, ahead of time, before one's time
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