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Pronunciation /ˌprɛpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1mass noun The action or process of preparing or being prepared for use or consideration.

    ‘the preparation of a draft contract’
    • ‘the project is in preparation’
    • ‘We had meetings with all political parties before the general election and will continue this process in preparation for the next general election.’
    • ‘A tangled mess of instruments often takes an inordinate amount of time to sort out in preparation for processing.’
    • ‘One or two subject-matter experts, within the company, would continue the leader training process in preparation for upcoming cycles.’
    • ‘This research is considered crucial in preparation for sending humans to Mars.’
    • ‘In preparation for the fresco process, the wonderboard should be moistened under running water and allowed to sit, rough side up, in the sink.’
    • ‘In other football news, two junior national teams are currently undergoing training in preparation for regional competitions scheduled for later this year.’
    • ‘With more than 350 hours of training in preparation for his climb, he estimates the expedition will cost him more than £3,000.’
    • ‘At least 80 Indonesian workers were currently undergoing training in Japan in preparation for the opening of the new plants.’
    • ‘It was soon learnt that members of the protective services were conducting a drill in preparation for any unrest inside the prison.’
    • ‘All players in the above age groups are urged to attend these training sessions in preparation for the upcoming county leagues.’
    • ‘All under-age teams are being trained and coached in preparation for their upcoming competitions.’
    • ‘George will be undergoing extensive training in preparation for next year's World Cup.’
    • ‘We will soon be ready to commence our outdoor training in preparation for the Ladies Mini-Marathon.’
    • ‘The pestle is basic to the preparation of foods and medicines.’
    • ‘Her philosophy revolves around the preparation of organic vegetarian food.’
    • ‘One of the tricky aspects of diagnosing food intolerance is that some people are sensitive not to the food itself but to a substance or ingredient used in the preparation of the food.’
    • ‘The paper could be made from silk, muslin or cotton fibre and the preparation of the paper was time consuming in its own right.’
    • ‘Indeed, it might be argued that the state of the marriage is summed up in contrasting scenes relating to the preparation or consumption of food.’
    • ‘Butterfat is mostly used in the preparation of food such as grain and meat.’
    devising, putting together, thinking up, drawing up, construction, composing, composition, editing, fashioning, concocting, production, getting ready, making ready, arrangement, development, assembling, assembly
    instruction, teaching, education, coaching, training, tutoring, pedagogy, andragogy, inculcation, grooming, disciplining, drilling, priming, briefing, guiding, direction
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    1. 1.1usually preparationscount noun Something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.
      ‘she continued her preparations for the party’
      • ‘At the moment, the site is tracking preparations for the event and reflecting opinion from across the political spectrum.’
      • ‘The event is now one of the premier golfing tournaments in the country and as usual the County Sligo Golf Club is making final preparations for the event.’
      • ‘Critics at the discussion pointed to the preparations for the annual event, which they said lacked concept and were often poorly executed.’
      • ‘A lot of work has gone into the preparations for this event with months of work having been put in behind the scenes by the St. Anne's club who host the event.’
      • ‘For the city of Valencia, which paid £34.5m as part of its bid to stage the cup, these are early stages in its preparations for the main event.’
      • ‘He said preparations for the annual event had reached an advanced stage with a number of programmes being introduced for the first time.’
      • ‘This week meetings are being held throughout the parish to make final preparations for the event.’
      • ‘Prompted by the preparations for this event, two related articles were published in the Wall Street Journal.’
      • ‘However, preparations for the event electrified Kelantan's residents and received wide coverage.’
      • ‘Katebe said preparations for the event were under way and his only hope is that Zambia should do well in the tournament.’
      • ‘They would do well not to celebrate what may be a minor sideshow while preparations for the main event continue.’
      • ‘Plans and preparations for the wonderful event are currently underway in the historical townland.’
      • ‘Reacting to the momentum of events, Lenin, from hiding, ordered preparations for an armed insurrection.’
      • ‘A meeting was held at city hall on Tuesday morning to discuss preparations for the annual sporting event.’
      • ‘Those preparations were disrupted by a recurrence of a left hand injury that had upset his preparations for the senior championships in December.’
      arrangements, planning, plans, provision, preparatory measures, preliminaries, necessary steps, groundwork, spadework, foundation, gearing up
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  • 2A substance that is specially made up, especially a medicine or food.

    ‘there are several effective preparations you can buy over the counter’
    • ‘Food preparations based on fruits and vegetables are completely exempt from excise duty.’
    • ‘It is also time to delve into the efficacy of traditional foods and medicinal preparations for which India is known.’
    • ‘Chicken stew, beef curry and vegetarian preparations are served while hot.’
    • ‘In Western medicine, a hormone preparation must be injected because of the concern for the change in its properties if it is passed through the digestive tract.’
    • ‘As well as recreational drugs, tests will cover prescription drugs, medicines and over-the-counter preparations.’
    • ‘Patients are instructed to avoid large pills and substitute liquid preparations or smaller tablets when possible.’
    • ‘More palatable calcium and vitamin D preparations have been formulated.’
    • ‘Some children are also intolerant to medicines such as antibiotics and iron preparations.’
    • ‘It was heartening though to see the New Zealanders relishing spicy Indian preparations.’
    • ‘Chakkota is also the name of a green leaf, widely used in food preparations in South Karnataka.’
    • ‘Throughout much of Turkey, wedding soup, a preparation of lamb meat with bone, egg, lemon juice, flour, butter, and red pepper, is served at wedding celebrations.’
    • ‘The menu is different on each day with a right mix of variety of soups, noodles, side dishes and rice preparations.’
    • ‘Members of the British team were warned that medical preparations in North America sometimes contained different formulations.’
    • ‘Ghrita preparations (medicated ghee) like Phala Sarpis can be taken from the first month of pregnancy.’
    • ‘He was not taking any other medications or preparations.’
    mixture, compound, concoction, composition, blend, amalgam, solution, suspension, emulsion, tincture, medicine, potion, cream, ointment, lotion
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    1. 2.1A specimen that has been prepared for scientific or medical examination.
      ‘a microscope preparation’
      • ‘On examination under light and scanning electron microscopes the wall preparations were essentially free of cytoplasmic contamination.’
      • ‘Microscope preparations and photographs are stored at the Jodrell Laboratory, RBG, Kew.’
      • ‘Most studies in literature have been conducted on lipid films formed and manipulated before introducing the preparation into the microscope.’
      • ‘Both of these toxins remain without effect in serum-free preparations of M. martensi abdominal nerve fibers.’
  • 3Music
    (in conventional harmony) the sounding of the discordant note in a chord in the preceding chord where it is not discordant, lessening the effect of the discord.

  • 4British dated

    fuller form of prep (sense 1 of the noun)


Late Middle English via Old French from Latin praeparatio(n-), from praeparare ‘make ready before’ (see prepare).