Meaning of preselect in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpriːsɪˈlɛkt/

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[with object]
  • Select or set in advance.

    ‘four British swimmers were preselected for the Olympics’
    • ‘No better example can be found than in the way the party preselects its federal candidates.’
    • ‘The Liberals should think long and hard about preselecting a new candidate.’
    • ‘The fact that they have preselected me as a candidate is a step in changing the attitude of the party.’
    • ‘That probably won't dissuade Members from preselecting him but he'll need to develop a harder edge if he makes it to the Senate.’
    • ‘The agreement aims to rewrite the rules of the computer business so consumers will be able to buy machines loaded with a variety of different software, not just those features preselected by Microsoft, the Justice Department said.’
    • ‘So the audience is preselected for its receptivity to the message.’
    • ‘In case the photograph is part of an advertisement, even the people are usually preselected.’
    • ‘The party machine decides who is preselected to stand as their representative and the voters then make a choice of a party.’
    • ‘Did the Liberals deliberately preselect Markus to make religion an issue?’
    • ‘Because budgeting is so complicated on building projects, you may find that preselecting a contractor - then bringing him or her in at this early stage - results in a more cost-effective design.’
    • ‘Among the women there is another road racer, Nicole Cooke, who was also preselected in December, and on the track Vicki Pendleton, who has improved immeasurably this year, finishing fourth at the World Championships.’
    • ‘Frank agreed to meet the group five days from now at a spot preselected by Charlton and himself, so he could drive the group back to civilization without them experiencing the same hardships in reverse.’
    • ‘We need to ensure that the people being preselected to stand for seats of Parliament fundamentally believe in the principles of the Labor Party and not their own self interests.’
    • ‘The angles were preselected by using a random number table.’
    • ‘I don't know whether we will be under as much pressure as could if we had been preselected.’
    • ‘Doctors and midwifes at the 27 maternity care centres preselected consecutive patients.’
    • ‘No attempt was made to preselect individuals in long-term relationships, and thus the return rate from individuals who were eligible to participate could not be determined.’