Meaning of presenteeism in English:


Pronunciation /prɛznˈtiːɪzəm/

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mass noun
  • The practice of being present at one's place of work for more hours than is required, especially as a manifestation of insecurity about one's job.

    ‘one of the general symptoms of employee insecurity is presenteeism’
    • ‘They see what presenteeism has done to their parents.’
    • ‘It's so difficult when on the way up, especially with the culture of presenteeism, guys that come in at 7am and go home at 9pm.’
    • ‘And with a UK work culture which values presenteeism and overtime, ambitious young men are left with little time to dangle their offspring on their knee.’
    • ‘The problem of rising absenteeism is well documented, but tough tactics being used to tackle the issue are leading to presenteeism.’
    • ‘Overly zealous employers can be guilty of promoting a culture of presenteeism by pressurising their staff to identify with their job roles to the exclusion of almost everything else in their lives.’
    • ‘Flexible work, shared paternity and maternity leave, a collective disdain for pointless presenteeism, and accessible childcare would enable women and men to combine work and family life.’
    • ‘For them, high job insecurity may increase the likelihood attending work while ill, a phenomenon known as sickness presenteeism.’
    • ‘Whatever the shortcomings of current measurement tools and research, most people agree that presenteeism represents a problem for employers: When people don't feel good, they simply don't do their best work.’
    • ‘The tyranny of presenteeism, together with an acceptance of being almost ‘on call’ for the institution prevents many women from happily embracing such a career path.’
    • ‘This, said Fitzgerald, helps to ensure that productivity won't be affected by the potential stress caused by presenteeism.’
    • ‘We will look at the rise of presenteeism as opposed to absenteeism.’