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Pronunciation /ˈprɛzntli/

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  • 1At the present time; now.

    ‘there are presently 1,128 people on the waiting list’
    • ‘Mr Parrott said he hopes the new building will be open soon as presently the group has nowhere regular to meet.’
    • ‘Steve Finn, a seasoned television director, is presently working on his feature debut.’
    • ‘Most of the directors are presently siding with Georgine in covering up the report.’
    • ‘Problems, in fact, are many with traffic congestion presently leading the list.’
    • ‘In all my years I have never, ever, seen the roads within our urban area in as poor a state as they presently are.’
    • ‘The town is presently prosperous, bustling and busy - let's keep it that way.’
    • ‘The commissioner said presently it was not possible to conduct surgeries in these hospitals.’
    • ‘The need for these efforts arises because of the age of some of the equipment presently in the playground.’
    • ‘That is why the council is presently consulting with all interested parties about what people want from a new building.’
    • ‘It presently has room for 70 pupils and will have about 120 children on the site.’
    • ‘Storage space for such a quantity of oil is presently lacking, and new facilities may need to be built.’
    • ‘One full time teacher is employed and there are 11 students presently on the course.’
    • ‘Speed restrictions are presently in place and customers also experience a bumpy ride over this section of track.’
    • ‘It is the highest honour the Council can award, and is an honorary title presently held by only a handful of individuals.’
    • ‘Helen's presently packing her bags for a trip home to England for the holidays.’
    • ‘Social Security systems in the Caribbean are presently faced with quite a challenge.’
    • ‘He is presently writing new material, and is in a Dublin studio this week to record his first single.’
    at present, currently, at the moment, at this moment, at the present moment, at the present time, now, nowadays, these days, today, in this day and age
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  • 2After a short time; soon.

    ‘this will be examined in more detail presently’
    • ‘I was soon lost in my thoughts again, and presently fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.’
    • ‘I intend to deal in some greater detail with the decision of the Supreme Court presently.’
    • ‘The computer this is being typed on will presently be packed into its shipping box, stuck in a truck for several days, and then a garage for a month.’
    • ‘Now that the design is about done, construction will begin presently.’
    soon, shortly, directly, quite soon, in a short time, in a little while, in a short while, at any minute, at any moment, at any second, in a minute, in a moment, in a second, in less than no time, in less than no time at all, in next to no time, before long, by and by
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Presently can mean both ‘now, at this moment’ and ‘soon’. Both senses go back to the Middle Ages. The former sense fell into disfavour between the 17th and 20th centuries and some traditionalists still object to it, but it is widely used and generally regarded as acceptable standard English