Meaning of preservative in English:


Pronunciation /prɪˈzəːvətɪv/

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  • A substance used to preserve foodstuffs, wood, or other materials against decay.

    ‘salt has been used for centuries as a preservative’
    • ‘the jams contain no artificial colours or preservatives’
    • ‘The scheme can only accept household paint and not car paint, varnish, wood preservatives or other chemicals.’
    • ‘That's it; there are no preservatives, and the garlic is packed in ordinary jars.’
    • ‘Food additives, such as preservatives and colourants, can also cause skin rashes and wheezing.’
    • ‘Also, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any other substances, such as foods, preservatives, or dyes.’
    • ‘Tea or supper will not be a supermarket ready-meal full of additives, preservatives and artificial flavourings.’
    • ‘And also, you can put in fuel preservatives as well that you can buy at a hardware store.’
    • ‘They are said to contain no additives, preservatives, sweeteners, or salt and are free of wheat, corn and soy.’
    • ‘Organic foods do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives, and irradiation is prohibited.’
    • ‘I believe that all the products contain preservatives, chemicals, food coloring and corn syrup.’
    • ‘Then I became vegetarian, also cutting out all foods with chemicals and preservatives.’
    • ‘Also, do not use paints or stains that contain lead or toxic wood preservatives.’
    • ‘One reason could be down to the fact that additives, colourings and preservatives are more prevalent in our food than ever.’
    • ‘Recently, they removed all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.’
    • ‘For horses, sugar levels are strictly controlled and the use of animal or fish derivatives are banned, as are vitamins, preservatives and colours.’
    • ‘It's basically flavoured water with a few harmless preservatives, and compressed carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘With the introduction of wood preservatives, a garden fence will last many years longer than before these poisonous chemicals were invented.’
    • ‘Also tell your health care professional if you are allergic to any other substances, such as preservatives.’
    • ‘You leave the theater feeling you got what you paid for: no additives, no preservatives, no junk.’
    • ‘The truth about tea is that it is a purely natural product without additional chemical coloring or preservatives.’
    • ‘Fresh and frozen chips are also free from the artificial preservatives and colourings found in many other fast foods.’
    added ingredient, addition, extra, add-on, supplement, accompaniment


  • Acting to preserve something.

    ‘the preservative effects of freezing’
    • ‘Doesn't their shape have a preservative effect?’
    • ‘The Jews would have been familiar with the preservative effects of salt.’
    • ‘While I'm a relative fan of meat, sausages tend to be stacked with salt, and also may contain preservative chemicals which have been linked with an increased risk of cancer.’
    • ‘Frequent applications of preservative treatments will extend its life span.’
    • ‘As I said, preservative processes are always partly constructive processes.’
    • ‘In both cases doctors only have about 30 minutes after the heart stops beating to safeguard organs, by pumping a preservative fluid into the body, before it starts to degenerate.’
    • ‘All this was testimonial to the preservative powers of cold, clear water.’
    • ‘Add any floral preservative you use, plus a few drops of bleach.’
    • ‘You wouldn't think spider webs could be part of the fossil record - and if it weren't for the preservative power of amber, they wouldn't be.’
    • ‘Yesterday I did suggest that we could look for the foods with the highest preservative content and just eat those.’
    • ‘He treated the bodies with a preservative mixture of peanut oil and resin; and, although the remains still shriveled like raisins, they retained their human features.’
    • ‘Scientists were zapping cans of horse meat with high radiation, trying to establish the preservative value of food irradiation.’
    • ‘She will then be able to be seen properly by visitors to the Historic Dockyard, who at present must view her through glass screens and often through a preservative mist.’
    • ‘All wines have acidity for both its flavour and its preservative quality.’
    • ‘American shipwrights would come to understand that it could be soaked in brine and made workable, and it soon became apparent that salt water had a tremendous preservative effect on the wood.’
    • ‘The education seminar comes following recent inspections at the markets whereby vendors were found to be using excessive amounts of preservative substances to keep their products looking fresh.’
    • ‘Similarly, embalming, which replaces the blood with a preservative fluid, is ill-advised.’
    • ‘Other types are not recommended because they can rust and disintegrate, or react adversely with the natural preservative oils present in some wood.’
    preservative, protecting, safeguarding, shielding, defensive, safety, precautionary, preventive, preventative, covering


Late Middle English via Old French from medieval Latin praeservativus, from late Latin praeservat- ‘kept’, from the verb praeservare (see preserve).