Meaning of press-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɛsʌp/

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  • An exercise in which a person lies facing the floor and, keeping their back straight, raises their body by pressing down on their hands.

    Also called push-up

    ‘we all had to do press-ups on the gravel’
    • ‘I lift weights six or seven times a week, do cardio exercise and practise press-ups non-stop for half an hour.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the first test was not one of driving experience or skills, but how many squat thrusts and press-ups could be completed in five minutes.’
    • ‘Not much of that time is spent in the pool, mostly I am in the gym doing sit-ups and press-ups.’
    • ‘Follow your aerobic exercise with ten minutes of squats, press-ups, sit-ups and back extensions for a quick all-over basic workout.’
    • ‘You don't do any exercise except those few press-ups each morning.’
    • ‘He does no sport other than cycling; no gym work, no sit-ups or press-ups, no running or swimming.’
    • ‘Here the players do sprints, and pull-ups, press-ups, and abdominals, combined with the speedball.’
    • ‘Looking at the 20 to 30 lads in here, smacking the punch bags, battling through gruelling rounds of sit-ups and press-ups, and sparring in the ring, provides convincing evidence of commitment.’
    • ‘When not on the bar, we practice drills on the ground, as well as doing exercises to build up essential muscles, such as sit-ups, press-ups and tricep push-ups.’
    • ‘And when asked to perform sit-ups and press-ups, the sedentary group could not even notch up half the number performed in a minute by the soo bahk do group.’
    • ‘They also fared better in sit-ups and press-ups tests, displaying better abdominal and upper-body endurance.’
    • ‘Even when a stroke laid him low, he was doing sit-ups and press-ups by his hospital bed.’
    • ‘People think that our programme consists of doing press-ups and playing games.’
    • ‘I ended up doing press-ups beside the ball and squat-thrusts slightly further away from the ball, all the time trying to make it look like the ball was integral to this part of my work-out.’
    • ‘His terrifying frame is his own work, built with stomach exercises and thousands of one-handed press-ups.’
    • ‘The exercises include bicep curls, star jumps, press-ups and a few heart-rate challengers.’
    • ‘That said, he managed an excellent 31 press-ups and 33 sit-ups.’
    • ‘At present I do ten press-ups every other day, and jog round the block twice a week.’
    • ‘He keeps the ball on his back and does press-ups!’
    • ‘Everyone was laughing at my pale skinny bones compared to this behemoth of a man beside me who was, by now, doing one-armed press-ups whilst still singing ‘I'm too sexy for my hat!’’