Meaning of press fit in English:

press fit


  • An interference fit between two parts in which one part is forced under pressure into a slightly smaller hole in the other.

    ‘And it doesn't take much expansion to turn the press fit into a self-decapping pocket.’
    • ‘The clone had enough metal at the front to allow the original press fit bushing to be used, but the Browning did not.’
    • ‘The press fit of the adapters into the frame is primarily responsible for retaining the adapters while the three bolts provide additional backup retention.’
    • ‘I surmised that it might be a press fit, but that turns out not to be the case.’
    • ‘The plate is a tight press fit in its recess in the synthetic stock and is further secured by a bonding agent.’
    • ‘The power cord is held in the case by an interference or press fit therein so that it securely stays in place during transport of the case.’
    • ‘They could bore out each side to be slightly oversize, and fabricate and insert a press fit liner to recreate the correct ID of the tube.’
    • ‘The electrical connection is through an array of needle-sized eyelets that collapse when the mating connector on the cable is press fit to the PCB.’
    • ‘A discrete segment of hard tubing is press fit into the interior of the distal end of a soft catheter.’
    • ‘The barrel is cut off just behind the integral front sight boss, and the cut-off sight with integral boss is bored out and press fit over the shortened barrel's muzzle.’
    • ‘Next, we saw an ACL reconstruction using a patellar tendon, press fit on the femoral side, and with bioscrew distally.’
    • ‘Finally, such factors as maintaining tight tolerances on press fits and the likelihood of a warped or bent part can affect the performance of assembly equipment.’