Meaning of pressure suit in English:

pressure suit


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  • An inflatable suit that protects the wearer against low pressure, for example when flying at a high altitude.

    ‘For these high altitude training flights, we would wear a full pressure suit for protection.’
    • ‘His gun was charged and ready, his pressure suit would protect him from the toxic methane atmosphere.’
    • ‘The pilot wears a pressure suit and uses the onboard liquid oxygen system for breathing at high altitudes.’
    • ‘This is both unpleasant and dangerous in a pressure suit and/or oxygen mask.’
    • ‘Often, the plane itself is not pressurised and instead the pilot wears a pressure suit that provides him with a pressurised environment.’
    • ‘But spending an hour in a pressure suit in late June with temps in the 90s before takeoff will wear on anyone.’
    • ‘The person inside reached up to release the seal ring on the neck of the pressure suit and with a sharp snick, the helmet came loose.’
    • ‘I was sitting and grooming myself while I cleaned my pressure suit and added to my personal log.’
    • ‘Add warm temperatures and a pressure suit to the equation, and you have a sweat-soaked, dehydrated pilot sitting in the cockpit at the hold short.’
    • ‘To complicate matters more, the pressure suit makes every movement difficult, and without benefit of speedbrakes or spoilers it would take nearly 90 minutes to make the descent.’
    • ‘A field reporter was decked out in a lavender pressure suit giving an account in a desolate-looking field of scorched and blackened rock with a glassy texture.’
    • ‘The feat showed scientists of the nascent U.S. space program that an astronaut could survive in space with just a pressure suit and that a man could exit a vehicle at extreme altitudes and live.’
    • ‘He was scheduled to spend approximately 10 hours, in a full pressure suit, some 70,000 feet above Afghanistan.’
    • ‘His worst fears were realized when he recognized the helmet with the shattered faceplate and the silver material of the pressure suit.’
    • ‘Moving faster than she ever thought she could, she jumped into her pressure suit, frightened for her life.’
    • ‘Having direct sunlight on you while in the pressure suit is like wearing two or three sets of chemical gear and laying out in the sun.’
    • ‘Sitting on one of the two benches he started shedding his pressure suit.’
    • ‘Call me anything else and I'll blast you out into space without a pressure suit.’
    • ‘Vomiting into a closed pressure suit helmet and/or oxygen mask is not only unpleasant but also dangerous.’
    • ‘There he was involved in research and development of flight equipment such as improved oxygen systems, G-force protection equipment and pressure suits.’