Meaning of presumptuousness in English:


Pronunciation /prɪˈzʌm(p)tʃʊəsnəs/

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‘But, having admitted all that, there is one thing that the Europeans do know and can put forward without presumptuousness: It is that power does not necessarily lead to victory.’
  • ‘His presumptuousness is reflected in his opening moves and extreme appointments, which pour more salt on racial wounds.’
  • ‘The fact that their followers themselves do not have the intelligence to exercise even only the right of suffrage makes the presumptuousness much more ridiculous.’
  • ‘Even when you have little hope that the nominee will decide the cases the way you want, you have a problem with the presumptuousness of putting a person like that on the Court.’
  • ‘The reaction in Scotland would be outrage at such presumptuousness - so what makes us think we can get away with exactly the sort of thing we've complained about for years?’
  • ‘A certain presumptuousness and overestimation, derived from Calvinism, made them almost sound like proselytising preachers.’
  • ‘Part of the shame has to do with a sense of presumptuousness.’
  • ‘Allison agrees that presumptuousness is a major turn-off for the girls.’
  • ‘No doubt the technical assessment is sound and benignly offered, but the mere voicing of it has a slight ring of presumptuousness.’
  • ‘Movies made with the full intention of shining during the autumn Academy Awards selection season often come across as graceless, lumbering creatures - disjointed messes that fall victim to their own pomposity and presumptuousness.’
  • ‘If anything, the movie's sharks home in on presumptuousness and sanctimony like, well, sharks to blood, but it would also be fair to say that the sharks' motivation is, if not arbitrary, unknowable.’
  • ‘If it's not set up in advance with the host, bringing an animal is the height of presumptuousness… in spirit no different than showing up with uninvited guests.’
  • ‘Although he places Socrates above everyone else, Alcibiades in his presumptuousness wants to make an exchange between equals; he seeks to swap his own beauty for the other's knowledge.’
  • ‘He has much in common with the teacher of writing, as well - a certain presumptuousness that is inevitably tempered with a dose of humiliation every once in a while.’
  • ‘There is a presumptuousness that the world should be doing everything that they are saying.’
  • ‘It would be madness and presumptuousness to even speak of it.’
  • ‘God, however, decided to punish them for their presumptuousness in erecting the tower by making them speak different languages.’
  • ‘Now, I realise the presumptuousness of my thought and understand why they did not fear me.’
  • ‘In a World Cup of spills and surprises, however, presumptuousness does not pay.’
  • ‘The enormity of my presumptuousness cows even me.’