Meaning of pretentiously in English:


Pronunciation /prɪˈtɛnʃəsli/

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‘The dialogue is self-consciously clunky, the characters are stereotypes and each section is fronted with a pretentiously redundant quotation.’
  • ‘This movie, on the other hand, looks like it's going to be either a new horror classic that shapes the genre, or one of the most pretentiously awful films of all time.’
  • ‘Rather pretentiously, I always have this by the bed - I often find it soothing to read a few pages about the mating and migratory habits of swallows before I go to sleep.’
  • ‘I, for one, am glad that a network pretentiously titled The Learning Channel is not nearly as highbrow as its name might indicate.’
  • ‘Mr. Speaker, it is my belief that if the Good Lord did not want us to behave pretentiously, She would not have made me so pretentious.’
  • ‘The important thing is to get ridiculously and pretentiously creative, and let everyone know what you're doing and what it all represents.’