Meaning of pretermit in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpriːtəˈmɪt/

verbverb pretermits, verb pretermitting, verb pretermitted

[with object] archaic
  • 1Omit to do or mention.

    • ‘some points of conduct we advisedly pretermit’
    leave out, exclude, fail to include, except, shut out, leave off, take out, miss out, miss, fail to mention, pass over, drop, delete, cut, erase, eliminate, elide, expunge, rub out, cross out, strike out, dispense with
  • 2Abandon (a custom or continuous action) for a time.

    • ‘the pleasant musical evenings were now entirely pretermitted’


Late 15th century from Latin praetermittere, from praeter ‘past, beyond’ + mittere ‘let go’.