Meaning of prettification in English:


Pronunciation /prɪtɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


See prettify

‘I'm going to have a bit of a spring-clean of the blog later, inspired by Orbyn's site prettification, but I thought I'd post something first.’
  • ‘With little opportunity for prettification, they struggled - Reyes, when he should have been going forward, spent most of the half going back.’
  • ‘Then there has been all this pre-meeting prettification of York for the benefit of those posh patrons of Ascot.’
  • ‘Aldeburgh is the next coastal town south of Southwold but it remains partially immune to characterful paintwork and prettification.’
  • ‘But one can pull the throttle back too far, in the direction of idealization or prettification.’
  • ‘Lyne has been criticised in the past for prettification, but seldom, if ever, for not knowing how to say goodbye.’
  • ‘Not all these external changes are mere acts of prettification, of course.’