Meaning of pretty please in English:

pretty please


  • Used as a wheedling form of request.

    ‘She told them the problem, passed out a few free tickets and asked them - pretty please - could they find quieter tasks to do during her Wednesday matinees?’
    • ‘We can't imagine they'll be too fussed about receiving a letter asking them very nicely to appear in court at some stage, at their convenience, if it's not too much trouble, pretty please?’
    • ‘Anyone I know reading this, please come with me, pretty please…’
    • ‘I don't know much about making websites, but I know I don't ever want to go through that again, so do you think you could pretty please install some kind of keyword search on the archives?’
    • ‘Can you send us the recipe, James, pretty please?’
    • ‘I still haven't figured out how to move my archives over here, but go ahead and change your bookmarks, pretty please.’
    • ‘But could you please, pretty please, stay out of the giant shadow of clichéd thought and words?’
    • ‘On a more practical note: pretty please can you take the line-height parameter out of your style-sheet?’
    • ‘So pretty please, sign da guestbook to let me noe if u read my blog regularly?’
    • ‘Could you, pretty please, scan your autograph and post it on your site so that I could make sure?’