Meaning of prevailing wind in English:

prevailing wind


  • A wind from the direction that is predominant or most usual at a particular place or season.

    ‘the trees all leaned inland, away from the prevailing wind’
    • ‘prevailing westerly winds spread acid rain across the country’
    • ‘As for the wind dispersion, the prevailing winds are mostly easterly.’
    • ‘Coral islands are usually a fairly standard shape, roughly circular or elliptical, curving this way or that on the surrounding reef according to the direction of the prevailing winds.’
    • ‘The North Atlantic is unusually salty, because the location of mountains and the direction of prevailing winds lead to the export of water vapor from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘Observations would tell them from which direction the prevailing winds were coming and they would build their homes in protective sites.’
    • ‘Planting rows in the direction of the prevailing winds will help promote good air circulation and rapid plant drying.’
    • ‘The orientation of the building was dictated by the direction of the prevailing winds and the sun.’
    • ‘Sun and shade, prevailing winds and direction all play a huge role, but get the soil right and you will be off to a head start.’
    • ‘There was no evidence that the prevailing wind direction from local industries influenced the aspect of the epiphytic moss colonies.’
    • ‘I'm not a great one for adjusting my diet with whatever direction the prevailing wind is blowing, but some of it has sunk in.’
    • ‘The prevailing winds are strong westerlies, generally good news, but it's important to remember you do have to come back.’