Meaning of prevenient in English:



  • Preceding in time or order; antecedent.

    ‘the prevenient eighteenth century justice system’
    • ‘But, of course, if the will determines itself only in and through such choices, free from any prevenient natural order, then it too is in itself nothing.’
    • ‘Yet God's all-wise, necessary and patient method of working out this intention in time is through calling individual human beings one-by-one to himself through prevenient grace and election.’
    • ‘But Jesus proclaims the coming kingdom of God as prevenient grace to the poor and sinners.’
    • ‘It was Wesley's doctrine of universal, prevenient grace which led him to hope that the heathen are ‘taught of God by his inward voice all the essentials of true religion’.’
    • ‘In doing so, they are reminded of God's prevenient grace.’
    • ‘But such a questioner would indeed be a Pelagian, showing by his very question that he regarded the human side of the achievement as the prevenient, the conditioning, the determinative.’
    • ‘To illustrate the extent of God's prevenient love, Paul points out how rarely one person is willing to die for another, even an exceptionally good person.’
    preliminary, prior, previous, antecedent, preceding, introductory, preparatory, prefatory



/prɪˈviːnɪənt/ /priːˈviːnɪənt/


Early 17th century from Latin praevenient- ‘coming before’, from the verb praevenire, from prae ‘before’ + venire ‘come’.