Meaning of preventable in English:


Pronunciation /prɪˈvɛntəbl/

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  • Able to be prevented or avoided.

    ‘many of these ailments are preventable’
    • ‘several workers have been killed in preventable accidents’
    • ‘Carbon monoxide poisoning proved to be a limited, easily preventable danger.’
    • ‘Easily preventable Internet crimes are on the rise.’
    • ‘Hepatitis A is easily preventable with a vaccine.’
    • ‘The good news is that the most common mistakes are easily preventable if you know what to look for.’
    • ‘Millions of people die each year from preventable diseases for lack of very basic drugs.’
    • ‘Cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable deaths in this country.’
    • ‘Skin cancer is largely preventable when sun protection measures are consistently used.’
    • ‘Many of the chronic diseases linked to obesity are preventable.’
    • ‘We need to look very carefully at how we go about ensuring that there are no preventable risks to national security.’
    • ‘Most preventable incidents result directly or indirectly from human error.’