Meaning of prévôté in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɛvəʊteɪ/


(also prevosté)
  • 1 historical In France and in Jersey and Guernsey: a fief held by a prévôt.

  • 2 historical In France and some French-speaking countries: a court exercising local jurisdiction; the building where this court sits.

  • 3In France: a small contingent of civil or military police, under the authority of a Provost Marshal.


Late 17th century. From French prévôté office or function of a prévôt, territory over which a prévôt exercises jurisdiction, court in which a prévôt hears legal cases, building where this court sits (both 1611 in Cotgrave as prevosté), detachment of military police (although this is apparently first attested later: 1907) from prevost, prévost + -é.