Meaning of price point in English:

price point


  • A point on a scale of possible prices at which something might be marketed.

    ‘the company produces skating boots at a variety of price points’
    • ‘The problem with broadband has not been the infrastructure, but the price point.’
    • ‘These companies can build a brand base in their local markets and then come back into the U.S. market under their own name at a lower price point.’
    • ‘In consumer electronics there is a price point where a market takes off.’
    • ‘The concept is to provide good quality, unpretentious food for the upper-middle market with a price point to match.’
    • ‘Wal-Mart and Linspire partnered to bring a full-featured laptop to consumers at the lowest price point possible.’
    • ‘Another requirement for a boom is for the product or service to hit a price point that makes it attractive for the mass market.’
    • ‘What is the price point and distribution system that will lead to the total revenue of the music companies being the greatest.’
    • ‘Packed with features, screaming performance and a price point that showed seriously good value for money made it a winner all round.’
    • ‘To get that high sales volume, it needs a lower price point.’
    • ‘The more confident you are, the higher a price point you'll try.’
    • ‘At the cheaper price point you can select three cheeses from their delicious-looking selection which they serve on a plate with apricot compote and honey.’
    • ‘If I had the cash, I would not buy the low-tech Vette when I could buy a more advanced car at or near the price point.’
    • ‘The price point is substantially lower than existing products that perform a similar function, he adds.’
    • ‘As obvious as this may sound, it's surprising how many food brands still define value by their price point.’
    • ‘The pens are not refillable but the price point is definitely reasonable enough to replace them when needed.’
    • ‘The downside is the price point locks you into a two-day turnaround.’
    • ‘Each center would focus on a different price point, making sure there was something for everyone.’
    • ‘Both companies are selling those chips at a lower price point than that of the UltraSparc chip.’
    • ‘He found new suppliers of fitness balls and sitting discs at the right price point.’
    • ‘The Stormtech technical fleece is at a mid price point but a very high perceived value.’