Meaning of prickliness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɪklɪnɪs/


See prickly

‘That anyone could take offence at such an effort beggars belief and displays the small-mindedness and extreme prickliness that has come to typify ministers in this administration.’
  • ‘Mid-way through her answer, her neatly measured affability gives way to a decided prickliness.’
  • ‘Given his frequent prickliness over criticism and given his prevalent self-assurance as a writer, his openness to Bulwer's radical suggestion has surprised many commentators.’
  • ‘Some of his prickliness was an expression of offended authority, but much of it also had to do with his own quick temper.’
  • ‘It can be a case also of love not flowing smoothly, of prickliness, the discordance being felt internally and subconsciously.’