Meaning of primipara in English:


Pronunciation /prʌɪˈmɪp(ə)rə/


  • A woman who is giving birth for the first time.

    ‘We restricted the analysis to primiparae (73.5% of whom reported no previous pregnancies) because death of a previous baby may influence both the decision to conceive again and its outcome.’
    • ‘Puerperal insanity proper comes on within one month of parturition; and, like the insanity of pregnancy, occurs most often in primiparae.’
    • ‘There were no differences in age, gestational age, ratio of primiparae to pluriparae, body weight, or height between the treatment and control groups.’
    • ‘Eighty one patients were multiparous, 9 had one child and 3 were primipara.’
    • ‘Malaria is an important environmental factor which reduces fetal growth in primiparae more than multiparae living under holoendemic conditions for malaria.’


Mid 19th century modern Latin (feminine), from primus ‘first’ + -parus ‘bringing forth’ (from the verb parere).