Meaning of printer in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɪntə/

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  • 1A person whose job or business is commercial printing.

    ‘Their success brought so much business to the printers that they were unable to cope with the demand.’
    • ‘Mr Marshall told the court he was a commercial printer for 30 years before he retired.’
    • ‘When the printer is not the artist, prints that are allocated to the printers are called printers ' proofs.’
    • ‘In the case of the newspapers, the persons with the technical skills as printers were amongst those persons assigned.’
    • ‘The company has even set up its own on-site academy offering training for end users, printers and students entering the industry.’
    • ‘As a result they have had to cease production of commercial work, and we had to find new printers.’
    • ‘The business premises in Grassington will not continue as a printer's.’
    • ‘Even then it was published anonymously under the name of a printer that had long been out of business.’
    • ‘After a six-year apprenticeship with a firm of lithographic printers he moved to London in 1900.’
    • ‘He is named in the colophon as one of the publishers and Isaac is named on the title page as the printer.’
    • ‘It was in Devon that co-founder John Bird trained as a printer and began to flourish as an astute businessman.’
    • ‘Half a million copies of Yao's critical article were printed, the text being distributed by telegraph to provincial printers.’
    • ‘Submitting the finished layout to the printers, she was free to do anything she wanted for the weekend.’
    • ‘Go buy a few shirts, take them to a printer, get them printed and sell em to your friends at cost.’
    • ‘We had the artist do the artwork way last summer and it was actually at the printer.’
    • ‘The charity has issued guidance for designers and printers, including simply making print larger on labels or setting up helplines.’
    • ‘In those early days, the Pattaya Mail was actually printed in Bangkok as there were no local printers then able to handle the job.’
    • ‘When it was approved from Bangkok the Siamese Minister would return it to the printers and the new banknotes could be printed.’
    • ‘It required highly skilled carvers and printers to produce Takashi Ito prints.’
    • ‘Born in Derbyshire, Richardson settled in London and became a master printer.’
    1. 1.1A machine for printing text or pictures, especially one linked to a computer.
      ‘So no matter what kind of memory card you use, you can bypass the camera's cables and use your printer as your link to the computer.’
      • ‘I had set up a computer and a printer for him, and got his secretary working on the computer.’
      • ‘The package included a high spec computer with modem, printer, scanner and software.’
      • ‘In terms of production, it uses industry-standard computer software and mainstream printers.’
      • ‘The school is now seeking help to buy a projector, computers, laptops, printers and scanners to equip the new suite.’
      • ‘Sales of storage systems, laptops, servers, software and printers jumped as well.’
      • ‘On the wall straight ahead of him was his computer setup with printer and fax machine.’
      • ‘Pollutant ozone can also be a by-product of the action of photo copiers and computer printers.’
      • ‘The routers are also used to connect computers with printers and other peripheral devices.’
      • ‘Photos can also be printed on a compatible colour printer or saved to a memory card to share with friends.’
      • ‘Many high-end printers have their own built-in hard disks to store print jobs.’
      • ‘Compaq presaged its entry into digital imaging by introducing a multi-function printer and a scanner last summer.’
      • ‘Consumables are the paper, toner, toner oil and electricity that printers burn up in their lifetime.’
      • ‘These printers would allow small and large businesses to produce marketing materials in house.’
      • ‘With this in mind, several of the printer companies have come out with printers that do prints on decent photographic paper.’
      • ‘It seems incredible that it took so long for printers to be built with the capacity to print on both sides of paper.’
      • ‘Macmillan held his earpiece again as if hearing something new, and then turned to the printer just as it began to print.’
      • ‘You may find it helpful to talk to the shop where you bought your camera for advice on a compatible printer.’
      • ‘Check if a printer will print on card, transparencies and other media that are essential to your needs.’
      • ‘It lets the computers talk to each other and do things like command a printer to print something.’