Meaning of printer's devil in English:

printer's devil


  • A person, typically a young boy serving as an apprentice, who ran errands in a printing office.

    ‘In our part of the world, they were typically published, with less rather than more regularity, on the cheapest paper imaginable, on presses run by printer's devils, on tiny budgets which usually came out of someone's personal savings.’
    • ‘With new technologies of electronic transmission we cannot even blame the fabled ‘printer's devils.’’
    • ‘Blame the printer's devil, not Ms Lakshmi for this one!’
    • ‘Lufkin attorney Eddie McFarland, 82, talks at his law office downtown about his days as a newspaper carrier and printer's devil, or apprentice, in the 1930s and '40s.’
    • ‘A printer's devil did all those nasty jobs of setting type, running the press, putting foundry type back in the cases, cleaning up the messy press.’