Meaning of prithee in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɪðiː/


  • Please (used to convey a polite request)

    ‘prithee, Jack, answer me honestly’
    • ‘What, prithee, is this all about?’
    • ‘Give thou me, I prithee, a break, forsooth.’
    • ‘Another boy across the room read the line of the Duke, ‘Ay; prithee, sing.‘’
    • ‘And prithee pretty maiden, will you tell me pray, what do you do to afford this most expensive meal?’
    • ‘This is seen in the quote: ‘Nay, I prithee put on this gown and this beard; make him believe thou are Sir Topas the curate; do it quickly.’’
    please, if you please, if you would be so good, if you wouldn't mind, have the goodness to, pray


Late 16th century abbreviation of I pray thee.