Meaning of private enterprise in English:

private enterprise



mass noun
  • Business or industry that is managed by independent companies or private individuals rather than being controlled by the state.

    ‘a boom in private enterprise’
    • ‘Thus the second relevant discursive context is one of privatization and private enterprise.’
    • ‘When that share is diminished by private enterprise the business is, on the whole, far more laudable than not.’
    • ‘Conservatives believe in freedom, in a smaller state, in the unlimited potential of individuals and private enterprise.’
    • ‘Gainful employment would come from industry, private enterprise and self-employment.’
    • ‘How do you feel that private enterprise industry is really preparing itself for this sort of scientific challenge?’
    • ‘I think that prisons, and the CJS generally, should be run by the State rather than by private enterprise.’
    • ‘Also, private enterprise serves the public good only if certain stringent conditions are met.’
    • ‘It's going to take a combination of private enterprise, government support and quality scientific manpower.’
    • ‘By 1989, he'd left the city's tax appeals board to focus on his private enterprise.’
    • ‘Once that threat passed, Zimmermann turned his attention to private enterprise.’
    • ‘The government is becoming more tolerant of private enterprise in the hope it can absorb some of these extra workers.’
    • ‘All they can see is private enterprise taking over the semi-states and a bottom line that is in the black.’
    • ‘Last year the Housing Department was corporatised and a number of its services were outsourced to private enterprise.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the vigorous growth of private enterprise may challenge the power of landed elites.’
    • ‘The first, of course, want to defeat any solution provided by private enterprise and the second want to defeat the treaty entirely.’
    • ‘The government keeps trying to pave the world but private enterprise keeps growing through the cracks.’
    • ‘True, but only at the price of diverting capital from private enterprise to public projects.’
    • ‘It was one of the engineering feats of the nineteenth century as well as a tribute to private enterprise and capital.’
    • ‘Even the provision of amenities by local authorities to encourage private enterprise serves to keep these enterprises under control.’
    • ‘The partnership of public funds and private enterprise is an overlooked characteristic of cultural policy.’
    independent, non-state-controlled, non-state-run, privatized, denationalized, non-public, commercial, private-enterprise