Meaning of privatize in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprʌɪvɪtʌɪz/

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(also British privatise)
[with object]
  • Transfer (a business, industry, or service) from public to private ownership and control.

    ‘they were opposed to plans to privatize electricity and water’
    • ‘Successive governments pared back the public sector, privatising industries and services throughout the country.’
    • ‘The postal officials reportedly supported Koso as an opponent of government plans to privatize postal services.’
    • ‘This is because it is privatising the nationalised industries and services and doing everything in its power to attract foreign investment.’
    • ‘They were protesting against the New Labour council's decision to privatise the home care service.’
    • ‘The rate increase was a preparation for plans to privatize electrical service.’
    • ‘He acknowledges that provision of health care has been reduced as governments privatise services.’
    • ‘They will be expected to privatise services such as water and will have to open their markets to foreign goods.’
    • ‘Plus, government coffers will feel the pinch from the planned slowdown in privatizing state-owned businesses.’
    • ‘The National Party has a record of attempting to privatise some services in the health system.’
    • ‘Costa Rica, which had held back over concerns about privatizing public industries, was brought into the accord in January.’
    • ‘Wisconsin has privatized the administration of welfare benefits.’
    • ‘As its reward, the union was granted coverage of the workers in the newly privatised industry.’
    • ‘It has come right in the case of the fruit industry, but that industry is largely privatised.’
    • ‘These poorer countries had no choice but to accept privatized municipal services as a way of ensuring they'd pay back their loans.’
    • ‘After the fall of the socialist government, many inefficient industries were privatized.’
    • ‘The government already has privatized pensions, telephone service, and electricity.’
    • ‘They are on the boards of banks and industrial firms and privatised service providers and many more.’
    • ‘While privatised industry has its merits, I feel Primeco should not take over the local post office.’
    • ‘Even down south it is not, in that sense, a truly privatised industry, because it is not truly free.’
    • ‘Have you noticed how everyone smiles more since I privatised the dental service?’
    private, public, non-state-controlled, non-state-run, non-public, private-sector, private-enterprise, fee-paying, commercial