Meaning of prognathous in English:


Pronunciation /prɒɡˈneɪθəs/ /ˈprɒɡnəθəs/


  • 1Having a projecting lower jaw or chin.

    1. 1.1(of a lower jaw or chin) projecting.
      ‘her chin was a little prognathous’
      • ‘Although the head is worn, a detail shows that the lower part of the face extends down to the trachea at the base of the neck; this roughened area, too massive to be simply a prognathous jaw, must instead represent a full beard.’
      • ‘Exceedingly tall and gaunt with a long, prognathous jaw, he never took his eyes from me as he went over to an accordion wilted across a stool.’
      • ‘Enlarged as though in a magnifying mirror, the abundant follicles sprout gut-string stubble as a gentle sleeping smile winks above the prognathous jaw.’
      • ‘The prognathous jaw became a sign of lower development and of a closer relationship to primitive man.’


Mid 19th century from pro-‘before’ + Greek gnathos ‘jaw’ + -ous.