Meaning of prognostic in English:


Pronunciation /prɒɡˈnɒstɪk/


  • Relating to or serving to predict the likely course of a medical condition.

    ‘the prognostic importance of the antibody’
    • ‘Important negative prognostic factors in both conditions include patients older than 65 years, hypotension, and coma.’
    • ‘Ectopic beats during the test, however, had no prognostic importance.’
    • ‘Although many general practices have facilities for electrocardiography, the prognostic importance of common abnormalities is underappreciated.’
    • ‘It is probable that studies showing a strong (often statistically significant) prognostic ability are more likely to be published.’
    • ‘In earlier studies of the prognostic importance of ECG changes, sample sizes were small and the results were equivocal.’
    • ‘Several of these molecular abnormalities have independent prognostic importance in the context of particular treatment regimens.’
    • ‘The number of lymph nodes with metastases also has prognostic importance.’
    • ‘We found missed myocardial damage of prognostic importance in 6% of patients sent home from the emergency department.’
    • ‘Finally, for failure to have some prognostic importance it should correlate with fatality, and we have shown that in these studies a correlation did not exist.’
    • ‘Future developments are likely to modify the clinical manifestations, treatments, and prognostic factors of critical illness in patients with HIV infection.’
    • ‘Both patients and physicians are most interested in disease indicators that will best predict therapeutic responses and prognostic outcomes.’
    • ‘Evaluation of changes in clinical and physiological variables over 6 and 12 months may provide clinicians with more accurate prognostic information than baseline values alone.’
    • ‘However, only one prognostic study of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality comparing home and office blood pressure measurements measurements has been conducted.’
    • ‘Measurement of these variables can be obtained in most practices quickly and can provide the practicing clinician with powerful prognostic information.’
    • ‘Patients suffering from such poor prognostic criteria often times will benefit from lung transplantation.’
    • ‘At the initial assessment it is important to define factors that have prognostic importance.’
    • ‘The selection of systemic adjuvant therapy is based on prognostic and predictive factors.’
    • ‘The effective management of ventilatory control abnormalities has important prognostic implications in the setting of both acute and chronic disease.’
    • ‘The book describes each tumor in a comprehensive approach: morphologic description, differential diagnosis, clinical aspects, and prognostic markers.’
    • ‘For instance, anatomic pathology prognostic data may be integrated with clinical laboratory serologic tumor markers that are graphically trended.’


  • An advance indication of a future event; an omen.

    • ‘a pale moon and watery sun are known as prognostics of rain’


Late Middle English from Latin prognosticus from Greek prognōstikos, from prognōsis (see prognosis).