Meaning of programmatic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprəʊɡrəˈmatɪk/


  • 1Of the nature of or according to a programme, schedule, or method.

    ‘a programmatic approach to change’
    • ‘Part III, Urbanising Landscape, discusses programmatic and other new approaches to significant public open space.’
    • ‘The Commission used this new flexibility to develop its own regional priorities, and to introduce its own programmatic approach to regional assistance.’
    • ‘The volume is programmatic in its approach to the status of CEBs.’
    • ‘The promised development of a long term, strategic, programmatic approach will be a major step forward.’
    • ‘Moreover, we can begin to adjust our own programmatic goals accordingly.’
    • ‘I think we've all agreed that our approach has been a bit too long on programmatic details and a bit too short on the vision thing.’
    • ‘Before 2005, the approved conceptual and programmatic documents suggest the following schedule.’
    • ‘In one programmatic statement, he reduced the structural method to four basic operations.’
    • ‘Discussions of how to address environmental ethics at camp usually offer programmatic exercises or discussions of ethics like the experiential lesson just described.’
    • ‘The programmatic demands, for now, are more radically reformist than revolutionary, which makes their rejection all the more disquieting.’
    • ‘They have a justifiable and healthy reaction against the model of programmatic church, and I think that it's good in many respects.’
    • ‘The programmatic cutting edge of such a party must be its commitment to a struggle against imperialism based on the perspective of the international unity of the working class.’
    • ‘The novel, though sometimes programmatic, can be a lot of fun.’
    • ‘The traditionally so pragmatic, unintellectual conservatives are currently unusually well served in programmatic terms.’
    • ‘The book offers few broad programmatic prescriptions, but several follow logically from the book's evidence.’
    • ‘They may not show up as much as a specific weapon program might, but I think a great deal of programmatic redirection has taken place.’
    • ‘Even at this early stage, the non-party has 70 regional branches, which will discuss the programmatic paper.’
    • ‘Another way to address the problem of maintenance is to make response maintenance the focus of programmatic research.’
    • ‘He also enjoys consulting with camp programs on programmatic, training, and psychosocial issues.’
    • ‘We transform study into training such that the university becomes entirely programmatic and oriented to the economy.’
  • 2Of the nature of programme music.

    ‘programmatic tone poems and operas’
    • ‘Apart from the Faust music, his most remarkable work is the programmatic symphonic poem Macbeth.’
    • ‘It is perhaps the most programmatic of Mahler's symphonies.’
    • ‘The piece Wind is reminiscent of a programmatic étude, requiring finger fluency and agility to execute quick pentatonic scale passages in both hands.’
    • ‘Since this piece is one of the few programmatic piano works Beethoven composed, I shared the story that inspired the piece.’
    • ‘The tension between Dave and Connie in her room is broken by its arrival along with a roiling, almost opera buffa, programmatic theme from Deutsch's music track.’
    • ‘The lush melodies and programmatic effects in Chaminade's works will be appealing to audiences as well.’
    • ‘Even when it is not programmatic, Biber's music is vivid and often pictorial.’
    • ‘Like many works of the nineteenth century, this particular work is programmatic in nature.’
    • ‘Without becoming programmatic, the Overture evokes both nobility and its degradation, as they apply to Shakespeare's character.’
    • ‘Vaughan Williams seems to have been particularly coy about the programmatic ideas that had propelled the symphony, crucially in some places.’
    • ‘The vast orchestration in context is reminiscent of her home country, and the drama in the tracks take more from programmatic classical music than pop.’
    • ‘However, he shied away from any programmatic interpretations of his work, voicing the opinion that music was to be interpreted solely by the listener.’
    • ‘That cannot be said of the other works on the disk, with one exception, and the programmatic notes of several of the composers underscore that.’
    • ‘Based on long poem by Joseph Rodman Drake, this highly programmatic rhapsody describes the labors a male fairy must complete to be forgiven for falling in love with a mortal woman.’
    • ‘This element of mystery may sometimes suggest the sinister, and there is likely to remain a touch of the sinister in great music, even the least programmatic of it.’
    • ‘Although Lees hints at the programmatic, his usual care and thought have gone into symphonic construction and the music can be enjoyed without reference to external events.’
    • ‘The symphonies are more like a ‘fantasy or overture’ and the two here are both programmatic.’
    • ‘While not strictly programmatic, MacDowell's writing evokes heroes, villains, fair ladies, and life-and-death combats.’
    • ‘Not only did this very concrete programmatic inspiration help me to think in terms of structure and mood and color, but it also helped in facilitating a connection with the audience.’
    • ‘The words for emotions here, the programmatic vocabulary and the verbs reveal a certain way of looking at music as something that conveys feelings as a person knows and conveys them.’