Meaning of projector in English:


Pronunciation /prəˈdʒɛktə/

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  • 1A device that is used to project rays of light, especially an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or film on to a screen.

    ‘Mobile wall panels peel away to reveal film projectors and screens, and shifting lights cast shimmering patterns on the canvas roof.’
    • ‘Gone from the center are the 16 mm film projectors, filmstrip projectors and all but one video editing machine of yesteryear.’
    • ‘The video projector lit up the screen behind Geoff displaying a schedule for the day.’
    • ‘All that said, the film is still a remarkable visual production that you can almost taste as the light of the projector passes you on the way to the screen.’
    • ‘We may even have taken a projector and shown some film.’
    • ‘On one occasion he was discovered by the night watchman surrounded by neat piles of bits and pieces of a film projector.’
    • ‘In the decades from the 1920s until the early 1990s, slide, film, and video projectors were added to the mix of planetarium technology to tell the story of astronomical progress.’
    • ‘For galleries, the setting up of projectors and having screening times is foreign to them.’
    • ‘An overhead projector is also used to see the colors as the pieces are placed on the viewing screen.’
    • ‘I made transparencies of their original sketches and we used overhead projectors to trace their designs on the walls.’
    • ‘Almost like an old slide projector, my mind moves from scene to scene.’
    • ‘Landmark Cinemas is installing digital projectors in all of its 177 screens across the country.’
    • ‘There was a holographic projector displaying in three dimensions everything in range of the ship's scanners.’
    • ‘Five video projectors beam onto small screens, all aboard a huge, tilted white tabletop.’
    • ‘I had a lady come in as I was setting up the LCD projector.’
    • ‘A front projection system with LCD projector delivers HDTV resolution for high definition images.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, two video projectors displayed enigmatic images on opposite walls.’
    • ‘However, the steadiness of the holographic projectors and audio systems prevented that.’
    • ‘A matched projector screen is covered with material that reflects only these wavelengths.’
    • ‘There is nothing worse than watching your movie screened on a bad video projector!’
  • 2 archaic A person who plans and sets up a project.

    • ‘he was a tobacco-grower and projector’
    1. 2.1A promoter of a dubious or fraudulent enterprise.