Meaning of prolly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɒli/


  • Probably.

    • ‘you prolly know this already’
    • ‘I am prolly the last person he should be asking for advice’
    • ‘Prolly anyone who was persistent enough could come to similar results.’
    • ‘Heh, humorless joking aside, I'm prolly going to redo this chapter within the week.’
    • ‘You're prolly best off buying the single!’
    • ‘A regular computer user won't benefit from the ease of use and prolly won't be too impressed with the workmanship.’
    • ‘Hey there guys, and if you're not guys that would prolly make you girls, so hello guys and girls!’
    • ‘We'll prolly only be there, like, half an hour.’
    • ‘Adam's prolly my least favourite, TBH.’
    • ‘Yeah, that's prolly why I've never seen you around.’
    • ‘I'm going into my senior year so now I'll prolly be busier than ever, but I'll try to keep writing on a regular basis.’
    • ‘He prolly had the best run but the judges never saw him.’
    • ‘ are prolly correct.’
    • ‘That is prolly the worst injury I have had so far.’
    • ‘Unlike a vanilla ball mouse, if it gets dirty, you prolly won't notice it too much, unless you get a lot of gunk in there.’
    • ‘I graduated last June so I will prolly go to school in southern California in Septermber, probably UCI.’
    • ‘I'll prolly just load'em onto the computer and muck about with the files there.’
    • ‘If he seems feverish (one way to tell is by feeling the ears; if they're hot, he prolly has a fever) or sluggish, get him to the emergency vet.’
    • ‘I'll prolly just open a bottle of wine though and end up doing nowt!’
    • ‘When that happens, you pretty much know he is not interested and prolly never will be.’
    • ‘This is prolly the reason why I have not told anybody.’
    • ‘Jeni's prolly at work.’


1920s representing an informal pronunciation of probably.