Meaning of promise the moon in English:

promise the moon


(also promise the earth)
  • Make extravagant promises that are unlikely to be fulfilled.

    ‘interactive technology titillates and promises the moon but delivers nothing’
    • ‘With only a few days remaining there will be higher temptations by many people to lie by promising them the moon.’
    • ‘While some parties are talking about Muslim rights, others are promising them the moon.’
    • ‘At the same time he was promising me the moon, he was making plans to see her!’
    • ‘Each and every single person you encounter promises you the moon, the stars and perfect love.’
    • ‘I wouldn't lay down on that thing even if you promised me the moon.’
    • ‘The people to avoid are the ones that are promising you the earth and you know there's nothing behind it.’
    • ‘The director, who declined to be named, said some start out by promising the earth, but once the workers are in the door, bosses have the freedom to dictate the terms of their employment.’
    • ‘Do something for them before we get another party promising the earth and getting elected at your, and our, expense.’
    • ‘We have a council that promises the earth but provides road calming and roundabouts.’
    • ‘Having been promised the moon, we wound up dealing with polluted water, smudgy air, declining heath and income disparities of the worst kind.’