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Pronunciation /ˈprɒmɪsɪŋ/

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  • Showing signs of future success.

    ‘a promising film actor’
    • ‘a promising start to the season’
    • ‘For Zoe, her talent and her ability to think critically and freely has become her ticket to an adventurous, bright and promising future.’
    • ‘While some will end up with a promising start to their future careers, others will have to live with the poor results they received in the National College Entrance Examination.’
    • ‘Even though most parents realize that success in school can create a more promising future, they may underestimate their own potential to impact learning.’
    • ‘The future appeared very promising for the bright yellow racer but the plane was badly damaged in a landing accident after the races.’
    • ‘This move marks the end of an era for Chippenham, but also gives the livestock market a promising future.’
    • ‘It can provide a promising future and be potentially profitable.’
    • ‘This bold augmentation of his range of forms is not fully resolved, but remains a promising area for future experimentation.’
    • ‘By 1949, her painting style had matured and her future looked very promising.’
    • ‘However, in the past year or so things have begun to look very promising.’
    • ‘There may not be a pitcher in baseball with a more promising future.’
    • ‘A lively exchange of ideas between you and your sweetheart could pave the way to a more promising future.’
    • ‘What had begun as a highly promising career ended in sadness and disillusionment.’
    • ‘She let go of a potentially promising musical career.’
    • ‘The ending doesn't convince, but this is a highly promising debut.’
    • ‘Abandoning a promising career as a virtuoso pianist, he became an influential teacher.’
    • ‘In their place come several top draft choices and a number of promising youngsters.’
    • ‘Seen as the key to a promising future, education was the greatest separator.’
    • ‘Adaptation is a promising sign that American film-makers are still prepared to take risks.’
    • ‘A number of promising avenues of research are ripe for commercialisation.’
    • ‘At first glance, it does not seem remotely promising.’
    good, encouraging, favourable, hopeful, full of promise, auspicious, propitious, optimistic, positive, bright, rosy, likely-looking, heartening, reassuring
    with potential, budding, up-and-coming, rising, coming, in the making
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