Meaning of promo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprəʊməʊ/

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nounplural noun promos

  • A piece of publicity or advertising, especially in the form of a short film or video.

    • ‘a trade promo’
    • ‘I also remember seeing the newsreel of the promo for the film on a video at Cliff's house.’
    • ‘Television promos of the latest films provide a glimpse of the songs in the film.’
    • ‘Animation is also being used to create content for ad films and commercials, as also for television promos and montage sequences.’
    • ‘Its chief virtue at the moment is that on it you are least likely to encounter advertising or in-house promos.’
    • ‘The promos for the film were a part of an exhibition of black and white pictures by renowned cameramen.’
    • ‘This is your typical promo spot for the film that adds little insight into the making of the movie.’
    • ‘It's supporting the promo with press advertising and in-store marketing.’
    • ‘The promos for the new format, however, have been nothing short of bizarre.’
    • ‘First, Mick Foley cut an exceptional promo to explain his return to WWE.’
    • ‘You know, he would come on my show and he would do promos.’
    • ‘Star Plus has already started airing the promo, enticing viewers with short clips from the movie.’
    • ‘A back-to-school promo with Borders Bookstores includes goodie bag giveaways for kids.’
    • ‘Radio promos are to follow, with winners attending a launch party at an undetermined venue.’
    • ‘Finally, the usual lot of TV promos and trailers are included as well.’
    • ‘A teaser online promo began in February to help drive traffic between the partner sites.’
    • ‘Each disc contains two episodes with their original TV promo spots, which are quite fun to watch.’
    • ‘Local cable partners will support with promo spots to encourage kids to sign up.’
    • ‘Damian Harris knows about the potential power of a good promo video.’
    • ‘The promo clips are thoughtful considering this is the second disc in the series.’
    • ‘He is about to go around the world on a promo tour for his toy.’


  • Used to publicize a product, organization, or venture; promotional.

    • ‘a promo video’


1940s abbreviation of promotion or promotional.