Meaning of prompter in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɒm(p)tə/

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  • A person seated out of sight of the audience who supplies a forgotten word or line to an actor during the performance of a play.

    ‘This is a live recording, and the prompter, audience, and stage movement all make their presence known.’
    • ‘At the last minute, we decided to seat the language coach backstage as a prompter.’
    • ‘There are four full-time and two part-time prompters at the Met.’
    • ‘So I have to ad-lib the thing, which in and of itself is hard, but I can hardly see the prompter.’
    • ‘For, as Derrida writes, ‘What is tragic is not the impossibility but the necessity of repetition’ and, we might add, the necessity of the prompter.’
    • ‘Did you ever think Meryl Streep would be your prompter?’
    • ‘I am front stage and centre without a script, without a prompter and most definitely without backup of any type or sort.’
    • ‘The prompters had to have good eyesight as they generally had to depend on candlelight to read the script.’
    • ‘The cast was rehearsing without scripts in hand for only the second time, and the prompter was getting a reasonable workout.’