Meaning of pronounceable in English:


Pronunciation /prəˈnaʊnsəbl/

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‘It's a bit of a mouthful, and it doesn't form a pronounceable acronym, but there isn't a professional golfer out there who doesn't appreciate the weight that particular cluster of letters can carry.’
  • ‘As a matter of priority they were given Bulgarian names, with the proviso that they should be pronounceable by family and friends in Scotland.’
  • ‘Even made-up brand names need to look like words and need to be pronounceable, so this is particularly accurate.’
  • ‘The experiment list was composed of 81 quadruplets consisting of a related prime, an unrelated prime, a pronounceable nonword, and a target item.’
  • ‘She changes her name to make it more pronounceable, adds a crowd-pleasing melodrama or two to her repertoire of classic roles, and masters the tricks of American publicity.’