Meaning of proof of concept in English:

proof of concept


mass noun
  • Evidence, typically deriving from an experiment or pilot project, which demonstrates that a design concept, business proposal, etc. is feasible.

    ‘the company was awarded the contract on the strength of evaluation, proof of concept, and budget’
    • ‘proof of concept trials’
    • ‘as a proof of concept, he set up the system to monitor Twitter for specific hashtags’
    • ‘Major system and resource spending shouldn't be authorized without proof of concept.’
    • ‘In academia, he says, a narrowly focused solution is acceptable as a proof of concept.’
    • ‘The Masterflex fuelcell, still rather bulky but a good proof of concept, provides 50 watts of power for 8 hours.’
    • ‘The quality of service will be poor, but it is a proof of concept.’
    • ‘This project acted as a proof of concept for the electronic filing approach previously described.’
    • ‘Now that we have proof of concept, what next?’
    • ‘Before wrapping things up, we're going to have a good ole proof of concept demo.’
    • ‘The client was pleased with the results of our Proof of Concept phase and authorized us to proceed with building the solution.’
    • ‘For that reason, the Proof of Concept design should verify the application and database issues that are of greatest concern.’