Meaning of propaganda mill in English:

propaganda mill


  • Used to refer to the process by which information perceived as biased or misleading is originated and disseminated.

    • ‘it is probable that other groups will seize upon these images and videos as grist for their propaganda mill’
    • ‘The propaganda mill has been quite effective in maintaining that image despite hard evidence to the contrary.’
    • ‘It's all grist for the propaganda mill.’
    • ‘In other words, a liberal propaganda mill exists; it just operates under different philanthropic principles than the conservative one.’
    • ‘The old Soviet propaganda mill is still running smoothly in the USA.’
    • ‘The tragic final act of the epoch-making October Revolution gave the organs of capitalist rule new grist for their propaganda mill - proclaiming the final "defeat" of the socialist project.’
    • ‘We need to shut down the administration's propaganda mill once and for all.’
    • ‘Stein has pitched his PowerPoint to party insiders, journalists, and others who will help recruit liberal millionaires to fund a Democratic propaganda mill to counter the Republican one.’
    • ‘But the last substantive comment from the White House propaganda mill (substantive in the sense of addressing the possible involvement of White House officials) dates from October 10, 2003 - about two weeks after DOJ went public with its investigation.’
    • ‘The murder of a teenager in western Siberia in 1932 - a year when immense social, agricultural and political change was forced upon peasants - generated the dramatis personae, action and imagery that fed the propaganda mills for decades.’
    • ‘Time after time, I find that the WSWS news site is the only one that I can count on for something other than the drone of the great American propaganda mills!’
    • ‘Hopefully this trend will continue until the propaganda mills gasp their last breath - and before the government realizes that the only freedoms left in this country are with the alternative press and on the Internet.’
    • ‘The White House propaganda mill will hail it as another victory for the president.’
    • ‘It's not just the feminist propaganda mill that endlessly replays the woman-as-victim mantra.’
    • ‘So, before mom and dad happily march you into the pediatrician's office for your shots, convinced they're doing what's in your best interest, they'd better arm themselves against the propaganda mill that churns away pat answers to their questions.’