Meaning of propeller-head in English:


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  • A person who has an obsessive interest in computers or technology.

    • ‘only a few years ago, those of us using the internet were nerds and propeller-heads’
    • ‘One of the propeller-heads in the front office noticed the stats of a pitcher on a small college team.’
    • ‘The numbers can by consent, pretty much look after themselves, with some tender loving care from propeller-heads.’
    • ‘Keep it up, and don't let neurotic propeller-heads ever made you think anything is wrong.’
    • ‘However committee members weren't convinced by the argument that the propeller-head start-ups don't face the same social obligations.’
    • ‘In non-propeller-head speak, it means that instead of continually re-using IP addresses, they are simply used up until there are none left.’


1980s probably with reference to a beanie hat with a propeller on top, popularized by science fiction enthusiasts.