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propeller shaft

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  • A shaft transmitting power from an engine to a propeller or to the wheels of a motor vehicle.

    ‘The aft end of the crankshaft connects to the propeller shaft through the thrust bearing.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the outline of the ship is still obvious on the seabed and the point of interest for me remains reasonably intact, a pair of steam turbines geared to the propeller shaft.’
    • ‘A propeller shaft transferred the power from the gearbox to the differential.’
    • ‘The propeller shaft resumes a little further forward, with a flange and section of shaft sticking out of the propeller-shaft tunnel.’
    • ‘The aft part was then dashed to pieces against the northern end of the rocks, the boilers falling out and down the slope, and the engine and at least part of the propeller shaft coming to rest in the valley halfway up the rocks.’
    • ‘Following the propeller shaft forward, one of the shaft supports and bearings is hanging from it, supported clear of the hull below.’
    • ‘The high friction then caused the weakened propeller shaft to break and the prop tore away taking the shaft with it.’
    • ‘We swim sternwards past boilers and engine, then along the propeller shaft.’
    • ‘Past the propeller, a shaft much too thin to have been the propeller shaft lies propped against the reef.’
    • ‘The installation required no modifications to the hull since the belt-and-pulley system drives the existing propeller shaft, although a slightly larger prop was required.’
    • ‘Presumably this is the propeller shaft, although it looks a bit thin for a 7000 ton ship.’
    • ‘The particular type of boat used by these fishermen is called a Long Tailed Boat which has its engine swivelling in the stern with a very long propeller shaft giving the boat its name.’
    • ‘What had happened, not discovered until divers went down after the war, was that two torpedoes had arrived simultaneously, blowing off the ‘A’ bracket that supported the port outer propeller shaft.’
    • ‘In the opposite direction, the keel and propeller shaft bend and twist towards the seabed where the stern has settled upside-down but the central part of the ship has collapsed onto the starboard side.’
    • ‘He steps down a steep steel staircase, past the rumble of machinery and turbines spinning the boat's propeller shafts, to a dim pungent corner lit with a single bulb.’
    • ‘Looking back inside the tail section, the gearboxes are still attached to the propeller shafts, though as I have noted, they have been separated from the electric motors.’
    • ‘The ferry was to have gone for its annual overhaul in March, but mechanical faults involving the hydraulics of one of the ship's propeller shafts made the work more pressing.’
    • ‘He was the world's foremost U-boat mechanic/historian, specializing in propeller shafts and bulk heads.’
    • ‘Molybdenum alloys can be found in airplane, spacecraft, and missile parts; spark plugs; propeller shafts; rifle barrels; and boiler plate.’
    • ‘Here he worked on the stress on propeller shafts.’