Meaning of property developer in English:

property developer

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  • A person or company that makes money by building houses or renovating existing properties for sale.

    ‘the premises could be worth as much as £100 million to a property developer’
    • ‘I'd assumed the property developer was just doing up the house for a quick turn-around.’
    • ‘He is currently applying for planning permission for 310 houses in another adjacent site in a joint venture with British property developers Morrison Homes.’
    • ‘At least when historic buildings fall victim to property developers, the motive is comprehensible, if unattractive.’
    • ‘As a property developer caught up in the slump of the early 1990s, he needed to do something to support his family.’
    • ‘Some property developers may persist with freeholds or leaseholds, which protect their commercial interests more.’
    • ‘The availability and pricing of land are widely seen as the biggest benefits the towns in the north of the country can offer prospective investors and property developers.’
    • ‘A property developer down the road has had his newly renovated house on the market for nearly eight weeks now and there are no takers so far.’
    • ‘Grant is a millionaire New York property developer, who lets his brother run the business, while he makes the speeches and networks the media.’
    • ‘Not only did the finance companies lend to property developers, but they themselves became involved in property speculation.’
    • ‘Built in 1923 by property developers to advertise their new sites, it originally read "Hollywoodland" and used to light up at night.’
    • ‘Property developers retain a critical interest in local political affairs.’
    • ‘The villain was a fictitious property developer, who lived in a rural retreat with a swimming pool.’
    • ‘Vehicle ownership has reached such mind-boggling levels that tackling parking has become a big issue for property developers.’
    • ‘The building then lay derelict for a few years before property developers moved in and transformed the site into a hugely successful housing development.’
    • ‘Property developers are businessmen like any other.’