Meaning of property qualification in English:

property qualification


  • A qualification for office or for the exercise of a right, especially the right to vote, based on the ownership of property.

    ‘It consisted of six points: universal male suffrage, vote by ballot, equal representation, abolition of the property qualification to sit in Parliament and payment of Members of Parliament.’
    • ‘Universal adult suffrage for everyone over 21 was finally achieved in the UK in 1928, when women between the ages of 21 and 30 secured the right to vote and the property qualification was abolished.’
    • ‘The very poor free Romans were originally not even eligible to serve in the Roman army, as there was a minimum property qualification.’
    • ‘Little more was heard of the proposal, but it would be easy to write a brief against its adoption, especially starting from the universal belief in a property qualification for jurors.’
    • ‘Perhaps at one time the rudimentary services provided by the council were related to a property qualification, but that is no longer the case with the range of services available today.’